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C&J MUSIC MINISTRIES PUBLISHING, INC. offers full service Publishing and Resource Company that is able to meet the over all business needs.  We offer Workshops, Seminars, and a wide range of other services for your music or business needs; in addition, C&J has an experienced award winning Recording team, including but not limited to, artists, producers, engineers, advisors etc.  The company’s years of experience along with the ability to maintain in the music and  business has helped develop a strong foundation for C&J.

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Caleb Music Group, Inc. is a fully operational and multi-serviced Christian-Artist Management and Resource company. Here at CMG, we are fueled by Faith and a fervent desire to spread the Lord’s message through a multitude of music artists and musical outlets. Our principles in integrity and experience are pillars to providing a creative environment that nurtures the talents of our artist and furthers their ministry. Through diligent efforts and uncompromising courage, our collective strives to pursue God’s promises by positioning our artists and their gifts in a manner that fulfills their God-given purpose.

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